Kia Telluride SUV gets eight seats and all-terrain response

The Telluride, unveiled at Detroit motor show, is designed specifically for the US and will not be sold in mainland Europe or the UK. However, some of its technology will trickle down to more familiar models, such as the seven-seat Sorento and five-seat Sportage.

On sale later this year, the Telluride uses a 3.8-litre GDi V6 petrol engine making 287bhp and 262lb ft of torque. The car was first hinted at when a Telluride concept was revealed at the 2016 Detroit motor show, featuring 3D printed parts and a hybrid powertrain. It has a sibling in the Hyundai Palisade, which was revealed at the Los Angeles motor show last November.

The Telluride has four driving modes – Smart, Eco, Sport and Comfort – as well as two different settings, Snow and AWD lock, for more specific driving conditions. In Eco and Smart, 100% of power is delivered to the front wheels. Comfort and Snow deliver 80% of power to the front wheels and 20% to the rear, while Sport splits the power 65/35 between the front and rear. Lock delivers power evenly to all four wheels.

The Telluride also introduces Bluetooth connectivity that allows two phones to connect simultaneously. This is another feature expected to appear on European Kias in the next couple of years.

Following the launch of the Telluride, a Kia pick-up truck based on the same platform is expected, following a Hyundai model due in 2020.

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